At ALS Benefit Concert

At ALS Benefit Concert

I come from a small town in Southern Illinois. My music is deeply influenced by the strong sense of determination, humor and conviction that is deeply rooted in Midwestern values.

Different times in my life has found me playing rock and country music with various bands, playing the “college circuit,” opening for “Styx” and jamming with J.C. Heartsfield. Recently I have rediscovered the joys of an acoustic guitar and folk, blues, and “Americana” music that  has shaped my life from the beginning. I’ve been writing music and playing it in coffee houses,  Artist Spotlight Showcases,  Chicago Uncommon Ground locations, KOA Campgrounds, Folk Festivals, conventions, and Relief Benefit Concerts for Hurricanes and ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, ever since.

Stevan B

It’s been my pleasure to have various radio stations, record companies and Song Publishers accept my music, and to have my background vocals used in the movies “Bitterblue” and “DINKS.” I also had my song “Quiet Decaffe” placed on the ALS charitable CD “Picking for a Cure” , and my song “Christopher Robbin” has been placed on the “Philippine Typhoon Relief Children’s Compilation” CD. Mimi Productions has used my song “Let It Go” in their reality/documentary show “Pure Stock,” and Casa Bonita Productions has released my song “Book of Love” to 12,000 radio stations worldwide.

I’m receiving considerable airtime on TRM Radio out of Manchester, England: and Bumps_Radio, also in England but broadcasting to the World; KSRC Radio, WROM Radio, ISX Radio; The Troubadour Show by John Godfrey.

Factory Fast Records has included my songs on CD’s titled “Unheard Americana” (March 2015) and “Rise Up Son” (July 2015).

NBT Records has included my song “Hello America” on their CD “Ride the Train,” released in March of 2008. It is a Double CD consisting of 44 songs, and all the songs have a common theme: Trains. Look for it at your favorite sites, or drop me a note and I’ll send you a CD  for $19.99 plus shipping costs.

Publishing contracts are in place with Supreme Executive Lyrics and Noteborn Music.

In my spare moments I’ve put on my “Luthier Cap” and have enjoyed rebuilding a 1910 Larson bowl back mandolin, a 1965 Kay mandolin, a 1971 Japanese copy of a Gibson B 25 folk guitar, and also did rebuilds and set up for a Gibson Les Paul, Jr. and a Fender bass guitar.